Unpaid Wages

After working hard for your employer, you deserve the wages you've earned. While this may seem to be a matter of common sense, there are many employers that fail to pay their workers the wages they're entitled to receive. The Daugherty Law Group, is here for you in time of need when such an injustice occurs, so be sure to reach out to us when you need an unpaid wages lawyer. 

When your employer hired you, an agreement upon the pay rate you would receive was likely discussed in the early stages of the process. Over time, you adjust your lifestyle in accordance with the pay you receive, which establishes a sense of dependence upon a certain amount of income. 

We know how important it is for you to maintain a consistent financial flow in order to keep paying your bills and support yourself and anyone else who relies on your wages. For that reason, our wage and hour attorney strives to ensure that you receive the full amount you've been guaranteed by your employer based on the time that you work. In the event that you ever work beyond your normal schedule, we also make sure that you receive all of the overtime wages you deserve. 

Our unpaid wages attorney has comprehensive knowledge of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which ensures that you receive the wages you deserve. This federal law was established to set a legal precedent for minimum wage, record keeping, and overtime pay. When you believe that any of your rights involving these areas have been violated, reach out to us at your earliest convenience. Because we never charge you until we recover the financial compensation you deserve, you can be certain that you'll receive the best possible outcome for your case without having to worry about losing money in the process.